At about half past ten we were a complete group of six participants. Although it was a very hot day, I had the feeling that the group was very dynamic and energetic. After only about an hour and a half of easy walking in the rather cool forest, we arrived at the Café and Restaurant Friedrichsruh for some refreshments. Time passed very quickly as we were talking to each other about various topics in the forest. Arriving at the Café/Restaurant we noticed that we had rather a small appetite.It was too hot to be hungry for a big brunch so we decided to sit outside in the shade and have some sausages straight from the BBQ, washed down with a cool drink, followed bysome cake. I believe that everyone had a good time, talking about all kinds of interesting topics such as the differences between asian and western world societies, Ayurveda, a bit of politics, the generation gap etc. All of a sudden it was time to catch the train back to the main station where we parted company. I am already looking forward to organising the next expedition!