At about half past ten we were a complete group of six participants. Although it was a very hot day, I had the feeling that the group was very dynamic and energetic. After only about an hour and a half of easy walking in the rather cool forest, we arrived at the Café and Restaurant Friedrichsruh for some refreshments. Time passed very quickly as we were talking to each other about various topics in the forest. Arriving at the Café/Restaurant we noticed that we had rather a small appetite.It was too hot to be hungry for a big brunch so we decided to sit outside in the shade and have some sausages straight from the BBQ, washed down with a cool drink, followed bysome cake. I believe that everyone had a good time, talking about all kinds of interesting topics such as the differences between asian and western world societies, Ayurveda, a bit of politics, the generation gap etc. All of a sudden it was time to catch the train back to the main station where we parted company. I am already looking forward to organising the next expedition!


On a balmy evening, accompanied by weather that was more summer like than spring, 12 of us met on the inviting terrace of the Hamburg History museum to enjoy a cool drink and fortify ourselves with sustenance from their menu for the long evening ahead.
After an illuminating tour in English, where we learned interesting facts about the development of Hamburg and its port over the centuries, we were entertained by Swing Dancing and some of us joined in for a quick lesson on the basic steps!
All too soon it was time to make our way to the harbour for our trip across the Elbe to the Port of Hamburg Museum. There we wandered around the exhibits and enjoyed the tea tasting and, for those who still had some appetite, soup, sausage, or “Fischbrötchen”.
Then it was time to hop on the bus back into the Speicherstadt to enjoy a fascinating tour (again in English) of the International Maritime Museum.
While there, we were entertained by a Scottish Pipes and Drums band, and the swirl of the bagpipes filled the ‘Decks’ (as they call the open floors of the museum). I must say, as a native Scot, I felt the tug of the Highlands and more than a twinge of nostalgia and national pride!
On that high, with the sound of that glorious bagpipe refrain ‘the Rowan tree’ still ringing in our ears, some of us tried our hands at the game
shuffleboard and we sampled the real ale offered by the Landgang Brauerei of Altona. A toast of thanks was made to our organizer member for her excellent arrangement of the itinerary, everything ran like clockwork.
What a great way to round off a perfect evening. Looking forward to doing it again next year!

CURRY NIGHT – 26th April 2019

What a turnout last Friday, when 30 members of the British Club took over half of the Ashoka Indian Restaurant in Altona for the evening!
Indian cuisine is much loved by us Brits and Ashoka certainly gave us a selection in their delicious buffet to delight our tastebuds, offering something for everyone.
Tasty starters of traditional pakoras and samosas and of course the popadoms and chutneys, ubiquitous for all Indian restaurants, followed by a selection of fish, lamb, chicken and vegetable curries, served buffet style so everyone could sample the dishes. All were accompanied by rice and roti bread. From traditional favourites of chicken tikka masala and lentil dahl, to a wonderful vegetable curry of okra and potato, all delicately flavoured with aromatic spices and with a cooling raitha brought for those who needed to temper the spices.
There followed a refreshing desert of pistachio and vanilla ice with semolina balls in syrup.
Everyone was full of praise for the menu. Well done Ashoka, we’ll definitely be back!

Reviews …

Are you interested in finding out more about what the British Club Hamburg does ?
Then take a look at the reviews below.
These are just some of the many events which we organize for our members.
Whether social, cultural, sporting or culinary activities, the British Club Hamburg offers something for everyone, as well as the opportunity to enjoy British traditions such as Guy Fawkes, Christmas Lunch or a Pub Quiz.

“DEATH IN HIGH HEELS” – 14th February 2019

Once again the Hamburg Players excelled themselves with a first rate performance of this stylish whodunnit set in London in 1937. The set and the costumes were excellent and, not only were we entertained with some first class acting, but before each act, we were serenaded with a song from the era, setting the atmosphere for the ensuing drama perfectly. The plot was entertaining and witty and this was amateur dramatics at its very best, reflected in the resounding applause and numerous curtain calls taken by the cast. English Theatre of Hamburg watch out, you have some serious competition here!

GRÜNKOHLESSEN – 10th February 2019

It seemed no time at all since the Christmas Lunch when the Grünkohl fans, plus three philistines who are not so enthusiastic consumers of this winter vegetable, met up at Blankenese Sailing Club to indulge in this traditional seasonal fare of green cabbage, sausages and gammon, served with fried potatoes. With such a hearty meal the schnapps provided at the end was welcome! The three ‘philistines’ enjoyed panfish served with salad and a mustard sauce.
A convivial few hours were spent catching up with fellow BCH members, the buzz of English chatter and laughter filling the room, and everyone took their leave replete and happy.

CHRISTMAS LUNCH – 9TH December 2018

Sunday, 9 December turned out to be a wet and windy day, but nothing could dampen our spirits as we travelled to the Catch of the Day restaurant in the HafenCity’s Maritimes Museum. And we weren’t disappointed with the new venue! On arrival we were greeted with sherry and mince pies and had the opportunity to chat with other members and guests. Following this we moved to festively decorated tables with place settings which included a Christmas cracker, gift and BCH tote bag. The friendly staff quickly got our drinks sorted out and then the food was served. The three-course, sit-down lunch made a nice change to the buffets of previous years. My personal favourite was the starter, smoked salmon with blini pancakes. We all agreed that the main course of turkey with potatoes, vegetables and gravy was a good first attempt at a traditional British Christmas lunch, while the brandy sauce served with the Christmas pudding was actually warm! Those of us who prefer something lighter for dessert enjoyed the cheesecake alternative. Time flew by and before we knew where we were, it was time for the next item on the programme: a short Christmas carol concert by the Hamburg Players choir. They turned out to be excellent singers and certainly got us into the festive mood, as was apparent by the number of people who joined in the sing-along at the end. The afternoon wound up with our traditional “Secret Santa Lucky Dip” before everyone set off for home – maybe a little full; maybe a little tired but certainly happy.

TRIP TO LÜBECK – 4th December 2018

Five members of the British Club travelled to Lübeck to see the Christmas markets. We were fortunate because although it was quite cold we had plenty of sunshine. We were really impressed by the Kunsthandwerkermarkt in the Heiligen-Geist Hospital, one of the best I personally have ever seen. Thanks to E.B., who knows the city like the back of her hand, we were also able to take a peek at the Schiffergesellschaft and the Thomas and Heinrich Mann Museum. We also paid a quick call at the Niederegger marzipan shop which has an incredible assortment at this time of the year. Lübeck calls itself the “Weihnachtsstadt des Nordens” and rightly so. There is much variety including a medieval market and the fairytale forest. Definitely worth a visit at this time of the year!

ICE SKATING – 30th November 2018

The ice skating night at the “EISARENA” (Planten un Blomen) is a must-see for everybody who has a liking for ice-skating and music. The DJ served for every taste of music from the 80ties up to now. We admired artist “flying” over the ice and others who imitated Michael Jackson’s “Billi Jean” on ice and saw funny creature as well (not from “Thriller”). During the break the we had a cup of hot “EILLES” tea offered by the club while we were watching the spectacle and enjoy-ing the view to the DOM.