CURRY NIGHT – 26th April 2019

What a turnout last Friday, when 30 members of the British Club took over half of the Ashoka Indian Restaurant in Altona for the evening!
Indian cuisine is much loved by us Brits and Ashoka certainly gave us a selection in their delicious buffet to delight our tastebuds, offering something for everyone.
Tasty starters of traditional pakoras and samosas and of course the popadoms and chutneys, ubiquitous for all Indian restaurants, followed by a selection of fish, lamb, chicken and vegetable curries, served buffet style so everyone could sample the dishes. All were accompanied by rice and roti bread. From traditional favourites of chicken tikka masala and lentil dahl, to a wonderful vegetable curry of okra and potato, all delicately flavoured with aromatic spices and with a cooling raitha brought for those who needed to temper the spices.
There followed a refreshing desert of pistachio and vanilla ice with semolina balls in syrup.
Everyone was full of praise for the menu. Well done Ashoka, we’ll definitely be back!