MARTINSGANS – 25TH November 2018

After a welcome drink of Sekt, provided by the BCH, we entered the private room at Hotel Alte Wache to sit at the table imposingly decorated with beautiful silver candelabra. K.H.F. gave an interesting speech illuminating why this traditional meal is called Martins Gans and takes place around the 11th of November. He explained that this is in fact a celebration of the life and work of St Martin, a Roman who became a catholic bishop renowned for his charitable and humble demeanour and gave us a charming insight into his life and good works. There followed a delicious meal of not only goose with all the accompaniments, but a large choice of soups to start with. I chose the pumpkin soup which was very tasty. However, when the main course was in full swing, I wished I had forgone the starter, as a wonderful plate of goose with baked apple and dumplings was placed before me, closely followed by bowl after bowl of potatoes, red cabbage, brussels sprouts and gravy. The goose was plentiful, provided with silver service from large platters which were brought round again and again until I had to admit defeat! To my shame I have to admit to giving into the tempting dessert of speculatius parfait with fruit. After all that lovely food and a companiable few hours catching up with club members, what was left but to return home and retire to the sofa to digest both the food and the events of the afternoon.

COMEDY CLUB – 21st November 2018

In November the Top Notch Comedy Club presented two comedians with an “alternative” take on Western life. Eshaan Akbar had us all laughing as he recounted his experiences as a bearded, brown-skinned man with a backpack on the Tube, but also made us re-think how we view European-born Muslims. Joe Jacobs told us about his experiences as a Jewish son, interspersing his set with grime rap numbers. I’m not sure that we as the audience reacted as positively as Joe had hoped, but it certainly wasn’t a run-of-the-mill evening.

FRANKENSTEIN – Sunday, 28th October 2018

It was the first day of wintertime, chilly and sunny, and we all managed to arrive on time at the Savoy Cinema.
After a free glass of champagne, we relaxed in our very comfortable seats…. feet up on the footrest… not knowing what exactly to expect.
Frankenstein, of course, but what a performance! We were spellbound by the Creature’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) very acrobatic way of learning how to walk, and the thrilling production drew us into questions around science and humanity.
What better to do after an interesting theatre performance than sit together, chat and have something to eat? And this is exactly what we did!