Review & Outlook

The British Club Hamburg is a modern, friendly and welcoming place to meet up to enjoy socialising and other activities in a British setting. We regularly organise a great variety of events in and around Hamburg – some cultural, some based around sports, others for meeting up just to chat, have fun,a laugh and… yes…. speak English.
What kind of activity is on offer depends on you – as an existing or new member – since we constantly develop new ideas to bring all kinds of people together and have something to offer for everyone.
We have categorised our activities as follows so you can easily find what’s right for you:

ACTIVITY: Get into gear
CULINARY: We know where the taste lives
CULTURE: All kinds of
FUN: Just for fun
INFO: In the know
SOCIAL: Let’s get together

Have a closer look at the individual categories and see for yourself.

SOCIAL: Get-Togethers – Get together with us!
We regularily meet up for a chat, here and there in Hamburg. All the locations we choose are handpicked and have two things in common: they are popular, but not run-ofthe-mill, and have great locations to spark your interest.

INFO: City Walks – Never walk alone!
Hamburg is right up there as one of – or even the most – popular city in Germany. Discover Hamburg with us on foot and learn more about cool city districts, even though you may think you know them already.
Socialise with other members during the walk and refreshment-stops.

FUN: Entertaimnent Let us entertain you!
We know where to go for a good laugh and a drink. Chilling out or partying in the most exciting locations. The sky – or the rooftop bar – is the limit!

ACTIVITY: Exercise & Nature Exercise with us in the countryside!
No matter whether you are a couch potato or as fit as a fiddle, we have something to offer. Enjoy group activities with us in delightful countryside, go on strolls, walks, hikes or do some power Nordic walking. Join in cycling tours, canoeing and more. We are active in and around Hamburg.

CULTURE: Theatre & Cinema – In the limelight!
Enjoy with us professional and nonprofessionalactors from Britain and around the world, in all kinds of plays, from classic to modern drama – from contemporary comedies to edge-of-your seat thrillers. The West End and Broadway are just around the corner.

CULINARY: Restaurant & Tasting – There is no accounting for taste!
That is why we offer a variety of visits to restaurants offering a range of excellent food including traditional meals such as a “Friday Night Curry”, “Curly Kale and Smoked Sausage”, “Martin’s Goose” “Christmas Turkey with all trimmings” etc. Extraordinary locations are also important to us, relax at the Blankenese Sailing Club (BBQ), in an oriental setting (Maroccan Buffet), or unwind in a modern and stylish ambience (MooKrob – creating meals with instant umami). Taste is the spice of life – so we really enjoy tasting and comparing different products, from coffee to whisky.

CULTURE: Art & Architecture – Are you a culture vulture? Then visit museums and exhibitions with us, stroll through ancient towns and modern cities or listen to readings and music. We are well connected to other British organisations in Hamburg, and can offer you a wide range of cultural activities.

SOCIAL: Beach Clubs – Summer in the city! Hamburg is one of the very best places to spend a ‘summer in the city’, even on a rainy day. Get-together with us at lakes, rivers, at the seaside or in parks. Our favourite place: beach clubs.

ACTIVITY: Bowling & Bililards – Keep the ball rolling! This is the best way to combine a get-together with an activity, for everyone who sits behind their desk all day long. Let’s have a game and a chat.

INFO: Day out – Hamburg and more! Explore Hamburg’s beautiful surroundings with us. We love to get out and about. Join in finding out why Hamburg is the gateway to the world and what lies beyond the gateway. What could be more pleasant than excursions to see castles on the outskirts of the city, to visit historic Hanseatic cities, the Bay of Lübeck or to see flora and fauna on the banks of the river Elbe.

FUN: You name it – The sky is the limit! We have a bunch of people who enjoy doing things for fun. We offer visits to the DOM, iceskating rinks, slot-car racing, darts, Guy Fawkes Nights, visits to the Hamburg dungeon, mega kart racing, to name just a few. We do what you want to do! Double your fun by doing something cool in a group, take advantage of our knowledge and organisational skills and, last but not least, enjoy socialising with us.